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Can I Request Survivors Benefits After a Divorce

If you’re divorced and your ex-husband or wife dies, you may ask “Can I request survivors’ benefits after a divorce?” The answer to your question may be yes if he or she was Social Security benefits-eligible at the time of deathand your marriage lasted at least a decade. Although

When to Request a Deceased Individual’s Social Security Record

There are situations in which the spouse and/or dependent child may need to request a deceased individual’s Social Security record.  Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), certain persons can request Social Security record information. If you’re a surviving spouse, divorced spouse, or dependent child of a deceased Social

How to Submit an Application for Social Security Survivors Benefits

If you’re the husband or wife of a deceased spouse who earned Social Security earnings credits over his or her working life, you may want to know how to submit an application for Social Security survivors’ benefits. Social Security Administration (SSA) currently provides retirement benefits to more than 40