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Can I Request Survivors Benefits After a Divorce

If you’re divorced and your ex-husband or wife dies, you may ask “Can I request survivors’ benefits after a divorce?” The answer to your question may be yes if he or she was Social Security benefits-eligible at the time of deathand your marriage lasted at least a decade. Although

Social Security Full Retirement Age and Excess Earnings

If you waited to claim Social Security benefits and your past Social Security full retirement age (FRA) needed to claim your benefits, you probably know that no benefits are actually lost because of your earnings. If you’re less than FRA, you’re subject to the following SSA rules: If you

Self-Employment, Excess Income, and Your Social Security Benefits

If you’re about to claim Social Security retirement benefits or you’re in the first year of retirement after claiming your benefits, you may have concerns about Social Security tests for self-employment and/or excess income. Considerations about self-employment, excess income, and your Social Security benefits in the initial year of

Important Social Security Topics Now

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Important Social Security topics now include the increasing demographic demands placed on the program and rising financial demands placed on the program. The Social Security Act originally provided retirement benefits for wage or salary earning citizens of the United States. As the U.S. climbed out of the Depression years,